American education and canadian education essay

Yet for four rounds now, Canada has been among the top performing countries, and also one with smaller than average gaps between high and low performing students.

American education and canadian education essay

Tweet Background Whereas the Canadian and US educational systems have been influenced by their British ancestry, the Mexican educational system is based on its French and Spanish ancestry.

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The different beginnings have produced different approaches. For the Mexican, the educational base is deductive reasoning; moving from the global towards the particular. However the last critical step of translating from the particular to application, or how to implement, is not emphasized.

By contrast the Canadian and US student is provided with a more concrete and practical education. The emphasis, particularly in the higher grades, is on "useful" knowledge.

General knowledge is not valued. The Mexican student is drilled in concepts and ideas. Credit is given for examinations, not participation or class work. The student learns to focus on the intellectual and on recall, rather than how to use the knowledge on a day to day basis.

Presentation is often as important as content. Programs at all levels focus on general knowledge rather than in-depth learning. The student is conditioned to accept a very regimented classroom and behaviour. The exceptional student soon learns to "fit in".

The Canadian and US student is trained to understand concepts and their application. Problem solving skills are developed. There is greater freedom of expression and tolerance for individual expression.

The gifted student is often acknowledged and receives extra support through placement in an accelerated program, or given extra challenges. Where the Mexican student receives a broad education, their northern counterparts focus on specific areas and achieve a greater depth of knowledge.

What are the implications of all this? But also produces people who have learned to conform; that form is better than substance; a reluctance, due to training and concern over losing face, to resolving problems directly and implementing new or different techniques. Canada and the US produce, citizens and employees who are well trained in specific areas, good problem solvers and have little reluctance to confront.

However, they are usually limited in their general knowledge and interests beyond what they have specialized in during their education.Nov 20,  · OECD PISA has ranked Canada among the best performing education systems in the world.

There are some importance differences between the Canadian and the U.S. education systems, including better. What America Can Learn From Ontario's Education Success In the last decade, the Canadian province dramatically improved its education system to become one of the best in the world.

American education today essay help

Its success can. canada, american Education, schools - A Comparison of American and Canadian Education. Oxford College and many other American institutions are culturally diverse. English is the formal language for American education system.

At the same time, English is the lingua franca, hence widely spoken across the globe. Nevertheless, English has hundreds of dialects and thousands of accents. Essay about A Comparison of American and Canadian Education.

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American education and canadian education essay

Comparison of the Hungarian and the American Education System Essay - Education has a very important place in the society. The education arms with the domestic education determine the final development of the.

Name Instructor Course Date Comparison Essay Public debate on the strengths and challenges of the American and Canadian education system highlight the interest of citizens, education stakeholders and policymakers in two countries.

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