Asgard writing a book

Fiction means more than just making up a story.

Asgard writing a book

The Vikings were my first love. I then went on to read other Viking novels by Rosemary Sutcliff!

asgard writing a book

All good stuff… Viking Boy is the story of Gunnar, a boy whose home is destroyed by raiders and his father killed. Gunnar swears revenge on the man responsible, and sets off on a quest to achieved it — but he encounters some pretty big obstacles on the way. I wanted to write a book that I would have loved when I was a boy — something packed with drama and with lots of twists and turns in the plot.

I also wanted to make it feel as Viking as possible, and did plenty of research to make that possible.

Asgard Stories: Tales from Norse Mythology by Mary H. Foster

I also read a lot of the Icelandic sagas, brilliant real-life stories of Viking life in the early years of settlement on Iceland. They were written down in the 14th century by an amazing man called Snorri Sturlusson who is worth a book on his own. And last but not least I did a couple of research trips to Scandinavia.

I visited two great Viking ship museums, one in Oslo, and one in Roskilde, Denmark, where I went for a ride in a reproduction Viking ship and even dressed up as a Viking! One of my favourite Shakespeare plays is Macbeth, and the scenes with the three witches were very much in my mind when I wrote the Norns scenes in Viking Boy.

The Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone also features in ancient Mediterranean culture — I was a big fan of Robert Graves in my 20s, and read his book The White Goddess, which explores the idea that the original European religion was matriarchal.

Viking Boy is also a very masculine book, with mostly male characters — although when any female characters appear the Norns and the Valkyries!

But the plan often changes, sometimes completely. I usually have an idea of the ending, but that can change too, and it never works out the way I thought it would when I started the journey.

asgard writing a book

It took me a long time to write Viking Boy, and I had a lot of ups and downs with it. They were happy with that draft, except for a few fairly minor suggestions… but when I read it again I realised I could make it a lot better and proceeded to cut it to… just over 30, words!

So I got there in the end. It was an interesting experience, and I think the final draft was right for a Viking story — lean, mean, under-stated, cool.

I have a number of ideas — another Viking story, but a much darker one with a real twist.Asgard Stories: Tales from Norse Mythology by. Mary H. Foster, The style of writing in this book was truly enjoyable: easy to understand and therefore quick to conjure up images of heroes and villains, battles and love, loathing and elation.

How to Start Writing a Book: 9 Steps to Becoming an Author

This is a good short book on Norse mythology for people who are curious about Asgard, but don't /5. The writing style is very descriptive which is also a strength of the book. One weakness of the book is that it only has the first part of each story but that is also a . Oct 02,  · How to Start Writing a Book: 9 Steps to Becoming an Author October 2, by Kasia Mikoluk Writing a book is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you will ever Kasia Mikoluk.

Stories about the gods of Asgard, wolves, and Doomsday bubble up from Magnus’s memory. But he doesn’t have time to consider it all before a fire giant attacks the city, forcing him to choose between his own safety and the lives of hundreds of innocents. Apr 20,  · Prologue of my Asgard fan fiction.

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