Business plan positioning strategy marketing

Brand Management or Rebranding? Positioning a brand is serious business. There are several key questions which have to be answered in brand positioning. First, you determine WHAT dimensions are critical to the positioning.

Business plan positioning strategy marketing

Brands and branding have become the focus of much marketing attention and some hype. Hands up all who recognise all or most of these brands: These are all highly successful fast growing businesses which have featured as success stories in Entrepreneur in the past twelve months.

Their chosen markets must have valued their brand for them to have achieved such remarkable successes, and yet they are far from household names. So just how important is your brand to your entrepreneurial business?

Who should be familiar with it? What values should it portray? Back to basics A brand derives from the brand mark burned on livestock to mark ownership. Technically it is a trademark for a company or product, but in the modern sense it is the value which consumers place on the advantages or qualities of the person, company or product.

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There are many definitions of brand and branding and this adds to the confusion about what to do about branding your business and products. This is a good one: The company has a mentors arm staffed by experienced specialists, and co-manages the South African SME toolkit.

There is no shortage of business advice in the world. It comes in the form of consultants, coaches, advisors, professors, management gurus and self-help celebrities.

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For Botes, the distinction between a business mentor and other forms of business advisers is subtle, because a mentor can play any number of roles, sometimes that of strategic adviser, technical expert or business consultant, and sometimes all of them at once. But the key characteristics of a mentor has to do with their experience, attitude and approach.

They practice the science and the art of business, not merely the science, says Botes. An ordinary business consultant usually has a clinical approach, coming into a business to solve a specific problem and impart formal, defined pieces of knowledge or procedural know-how.

A mentor can do this, but also strives to impart wisdom based not on textbook learning but on his or her experience. The ordinary consultant keeps within his scope of work, and his interest stretches as far as the settlement of his invoice. A mentor can also work with a defined plan and for a fee, but gains his satisfaction from seeing his client succeed as a result of his work.

Even if he is brought in to implement a technical process in a business, he does so with passion, and with a broader view to empowering the entrepreneur and the business. A consultant can be a fresh-faced graduate with an MBA.

It started with the economy struggling to recover from the effects of the double change in finance ministers, was threatened by potential downgrades to sub investment grade by the rating agencies and characterised by shocks like Brexit, the Trump victory in America, local government elections, the feesmustfall movement and the State Capture report.

business plan positioning strategy marketing

The serious drought saw food prices rocket and water restrictions added to the difficulty of doing business. All these issues make buyers nervous, and nervous buyers will delay all but essential purchases. On top of all this the South African national pastime of sharing bad news brought a mood of pessimism and resignation.

We know that water restrictions and high food prices will continue well into and the ruling party will have an elective conference which could be abrasive in the coming year.

What, you may ask will make this year any better than the previous one?


One of the answer to that question is you. There are many things you can do to shield your business from negative external events, and to seek the opportunities that any adverse event brings.Chief Outsiders provides part-time strategic marketing consultants with insights on business growth strategy, market positioning strategy .

Positioning is part of the broader marketing strategy which includes three basic decision levels, namely segmentation, targeting and positioning, sometimes known as the S-T-P approach: The STP approach highlights the three areas of decision-making.

This article was published in a Business Partners newsletter of 24 November , and appears here as a guest post by Christo Botes, then Executive Director of Business Partners Ltd.

Business Partners Ltd is an African risk based Finance house and Venture capitalist focused on SME’s. Marketing Strategy Your marketing strategy is an explanation of the goals you need to achieve with your marketing efforts. Your marketing strategy is shaped by your business goals.

Your marketing strategy is shaped by your business goals. Jul 19,  · How to Develop a Positioning Statement for the Marketing Section of Your Business Plan.

by of a pitch depends on the specifics. If you use the more traditional positioning diagram, keep it close to strategy or marketing strategy.

Within the plan itself, in that case, include the formal verbal positioning statement as part of marketing 5/5(3). Jun 27,  · Product positioning is an important element of a marketing plan.

Product positioning is the process marketers use to determine how to best .

business plan positioning strategy marketing
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