Essay autobiography of a pair of shoes

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Essay autobiography of a pair of shoes

I had a shiny surface and a soft leather body. I was proud of my unique style. One day, a young gentleman walked into the shop. This gentleman walked straight towards me, he pointed at me and asked a shop assistant to take me off the display shelf.

He put me on his feet and the size exactly fitted him. When I saw him grinning with delight, I knew he would be my owner. I looked forward to my new life with him. Since my owner bought me, he always chose me to wear to his important functions.

Small autobiography of a shoe - essay form

The first time I was worn by my owner was when he went to a cocktail party but he got drunk. When he walked home, he suddenly felt sick and vomited all he had eaten. It was too late to dodge the dirty things and my body was all covered with his vomit, it was disgusting.

Also my owner felt I was dirty and he left me in the garage. After a few days, I thought he had forgotten about me and my body started to grow mould. I was very sad that my owner treated me so badly.

My shiny appearance was gradually discoloring. My awful appearance also attracted other fans. A tricky mouse was interested in my shoelaces. It came day by day and nibbled it. Also cockroaches appreciated my soft leather body. They made nests inside the shoes and started their family.

Finally, one day, my owner came into the garage to look for something. He found me lying in the corner of the garage. I felt my hope was regained. My life would return. Since then, he has never worn me again to a party and I became his working shoes.

Philosophers Rumble Over Van Gogh’s Shoes

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Write from the perspective of a shoe.

Essay autobiography of a pair of shoes

Writing from an inanimate objects perspective helps the writer develop other view points. Shoes can feel too. Oct 06,  · We were manufactured in a shoe factory in England. Our size was 11 We arrived in Malaysia in a large consignment for an Ipoh firm of general merchants.

We disembarked at Penang and within a few days or our disembarkation; we were dispatched to our destination Ipoh. After a passage of time, my master bought a new shoe pair for himself.

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Now he preferred to wear them for most of his business trips. I was jealous of our new companion. Nov 08,  · Essay autobiography of a pair of shoes >>> next page Us history industrialization essay Argumentative essays on co education school system of aug education: english essays comments co-education instructor.

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