Essay on newspapers role in society

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Essay on newspapers role in society

The Role of Newspaper Newspaper is a printed publication appearing daily.

Essay on newspapers role in society

It contains news advertisements and articles on various subjects. Newspapers play an important role in a democracy. They take the role of spokesmen for people of all classes. They act as a bridge between the government and the governed. They help in preventing social exploitation that can threaten the existence of democracy.

Almost everybody reads the newspaper daily. One reads it with curiosity every morning. Young graduates scan the job advertisement pages. Lottery addicts pour over the lottery results.

The school boy looks about the detailed happenings in cricket and other sports. The head of the household reads about government matters and other events. Housewives look for topics like cookery, health and beauty care tips etc. Casual readers look for sensational topics like loot, murder, kidnapping etc.

Other go through the daily predictions of the zodiac. Those who love the glamour world read the pages on fashion movies and film stars.

India is a developing country. Most of the people are poor and illiterate with false promises. Newspapers help in forming public opinion. They keep the people aware of the activities of the government. In a democracy there should be an efficient and fearless press.

The press refers to newspapersmagazinesthe news section of radio and television, and the journalists who work for them. Press is the mirror of the society.

Essay on newspapers role in society

It acts as a watchdog of democracy. It is the duty of the press to watch the activities of the government.

Its duty is to highlight the failure of the policies of the government and pinpoint its lapses.

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The first newspaper published in India was called The Bengal Gazette. The Bombay Samachar is the oldest existing daily newspaper. It was first published in Gujarat in Newspapers make people aware of every field of society.

Once in every week every newspaper publishes vacancies in all fields.

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Job seekers get much benefited through this. A weekly matrimonial supplement is also published with almost every newspaper and its related news and events. Newspapers also contains the schedules of programmes on various television channels and theatres.

It helps people to plan their day accordingly. News related to sport has become very important nowadays. So almost all the newspapers publish the sports news with elaborate pictures and charts. Newspapers also carry weather forecasts and other useful data like prices of various food items in different markets.

In the present age corruption is present in all walks of life. Newspapers play an important role in highlighting the menace of corruption. The people are made aware of the corrupt practices prevalent in various department of Government and other agencies.

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