Ficosa internacional essay

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Ficosa internacional essay

Research involves a great deal of hard work, tenacity, ambition and humility.


In recognition of this, we are extremely proud of what our faculty and researchers continue to achieve year-after-year; scientific articles, scholarly publications, research projects, dissertations and other scholarly output that has improved both in terms of quantity, quality and impact.

As an institution of higher learning, we understand that the most effective educators require strong connections to research. Teaching which is isolated from scientific progress eventually languishes and deteriorates into irrelevance.

To be effectively diffused, research must be generated, comprehended and synthesised into the extant canon of knowledge; a challenge that ESADE has dedicated substantial resources to in recent years by both redirecting and prioritizing internal resources, as well as ambitiously seeking external sources of professional funding.

We currently allocate over 7 million euros annually to research, a quantity that has consistently increased every year for some time. This is an achievement of which we are very proud given the constraints on public and private research funding resulting from the current economic climate.

Each year, our nineteen research units incorporate a greater number of people engaged in research in a variety of roles.

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This academic year, more than ESADE faculty and staff were enthusiastically engaged as scientific managers, senior and junior researchers, research assistants, research technicians, specialists and administrators. The continuous recruitment of international experts, the visiting researcher promotion programme, the incorporation of specialists and junior researchers, the post-doctoral programme, and a recognized doctoral programme help to consolidate ESADE as a benchmark in the Ficosa internacional essay of research and knowledge generation.

Ficosa internacional essay

We have also increased the number of formal research projects we undertake each year; currently in the region of In parallel, an increased emphasis has been made in European Union funded projects. These are on a larger scale more competitive, better funded, have greater scientific implications Ficosa internacional essay broader social impact.

Consequently, this yearbook dedicates several pages to highlighting some of the European projects in which ESADE researchers are actively involved, as project leaders or partners. Contributions to scientific knowledge and social discourse can be made through many legitimate genres and formats.

We invite you to review the entire ESADE Research Yearbook, which not only presents a record number of articles appearing in the most prestigious peer-reviewed academic journals, but also a fascinating portfolio of books, teaching cases, PhD dissertations, conference presentations and other intellectual contributions and accolades.

The ESADE research output presented in this Research Year Book is the result of the coordinated efforts of a collective, dedicated team that have enabled us to continually increase the quantity, quality and impact of our academic output.

With this Research Yearbook, we would like to salute and share their accomplishments with you. At ESADE, research represents one of our core activities and one of our fundamental objectives, as well as being part of our institutional mission.

Research, new knowledge, transformation of organisations, competitiveness, and the improvement of society have formed the path taken by ESADE for many years. However, it has been in the last decade that this drive and this commitment to transform organisations and society through Research have become more apparent at ESADE.

The driving force behind the promotion and growth of Research have been the and Strategic Plans, in which emphasis has been placed on research activity and knowledge generation has been positioned at the centre of institutional activity.

Research efforts at ESADE are structured around a group of Research Units Institutes, Centres, Chairs, and Research Groupswhich are committed to developing and disseminating knowledge in relevant areas for the business world, the public sector, the legal arena, and civil society, in collaboration with key organizations and experts in each field.

A manifestly clear indicator of the promotion and growth of Research at ESADE is the increase in the number of Research Units, which doubled from 10 to 20 between and These projects show great diversity in their lines of research, the number of human and financial resources involved, sources of financing, duration, targeted outcomes, etc.

The number of ongoing projects has increased at the same rate as or faster than the Research Units themselves, having doubled in the last 5 years to a total of 92 ongoing projects in the academic year.

Unfortunately, in the context of the current financial crisis, access to external financing for research projects has become difficult and, at the same time, more essential and necessary for the sustainability of our research activity and our institution.

This external financing reaches our Units and Projects from both the private and public sectors, from within our borders and from outside. In the last few years, the worsening of the crisis in Spain has made opening borders and internationalisation more necessary than ever when seeking sources of external financing for our projects.

The evolution of ESADE as regards the participation and management of this kind of major, coordinated, competitive, international projects has been highly positive in the last few years. Let us take a look at the characteristics of some of these projects: The aim of this Project is to reinforce scientific evidence, shape public and political dialogue and stimulate wide-reaching, productive debate on current, alternative approaches to addiction.

A research project that looks into the change processes in police forces all over Europe. The project, with a 4-year duration, compares different police forces in Europe and analyses their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as the good practices they have implemented.

In all, ALICE RAP will analyse the potential economic, health and social consequences of new or alternative approaches using foresight methodologies, presenting them as a platform for public and political debate on a national and EU level.

It will provide strategic assessment and key recommendations for business plan development, review mechanisms, and guidelines on how to build and manage effective teams. Some examples of police forces taking part in the Project are: Talent has become a key factor in determining the competitiveness of a country and a company.Currently we are designing and producing sixteen molds in order to produce the plastic components for FICOSA North America in our plastic plant.

La Generalitat desembarca en Ficosa al quedarse un 20% del capital | Cataluña | EL PAÍS

and a software that simulates die casting and plastic Noé Beltrán molding to add to our thirteen injection machines that range from 85 to tons.

now truly great as an overarching process. This study contributes to developing our understanding of gender and family business, a topic so crucial to recent policies about competitive growth.

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