Grey literature acquisition and management challenges

Library Philosophy and Practice Abstract Introduction The term "grey literature" brings connotations of bleakness, apathy, indifference, and questionable authority to mind Mason, Upon investigation, this is far from true, unless you find research papers from eminent researchers to be boring. Grey literature is used to describe publications not published commercially or indexed by major database vendors. It is occasionally the sole source for specific research questions.

Grey literature acquisition and management challenges

Selection is the process of choosing while acquisition is the process of obtaining library materials Anyanwu, et al, selection must precede acquisition, what to select depends on the type of library since the library is interested in serving primarily its clientese which could be homogenous or heterogeneous Oduagwu, Book selection is used as a generic term covering the selection of both book and non-book materials for library.

Acquisition on the other hand is a process of obtaining books and other items for the library, documentation centre, or archives Harrods, Acquisition is carried out through purchase, gift, exchange and legal deposit. Provision of current information which supports the curriculum of the parent institution is as a result of selection and acquisition in the academic libraries.

Aims and objective of the institution ii. The number of faculty members iii. Research and teaching needs v. The nature of materials required in terms of book and non-book.

There is a specific library acquisition policy which specify the type and range of items to be selected and acquired. The purpose of the acquisition policy is to serve as a reference for the library staff to follow when assessing potential acquisition for the library collections including print and non-print materials, electronic and other type of resources.

The mission of the acquisition policy is to ensure that the selection of library resources supports the educational need of the students, administrations and staff of the institution. Anyanwum et al, Started that selection is of very important because of literature explosion, reduction in library budget, reduction in income of library users and pressure from the both the publishers and the library users.

Grey literature is one of the materials selected and acquired in Libraries. Debachere has written that it is easier to describe, rather than define grey literature. Grey literature defines is as: The quasi-printed reports, unpublished but circulated papers, unpublished proceedings of conferences, printed programs from conferences and other non-unique materials which seems to constitute the bulk of our modern manuscript collections Hirtle, Grey literature is of paramount importance in the library because, it serves scholars and lay readers alike with research summaries, facts, statistics, and other data that after a more comprehensive view of the topic of interest.

In all, selection and acquisition of grey literature in libraries therefore, is the process of choosing and obtaining this kind of literature in libraries.

The preparatory work for the library began in June with J. Anafulu as the pioneer University Librarian. A classroom block was selected and converted into a make-shift library. It was filled with shelves for ten 10 thousand volumes of library materials.

Grey literature acquisition and management challenges

Other members of the professional staff joined in October to prepare for the opening on the 19th November However, the importance of journals to the science and technology oriented University community was re-organised at an early stage and a list of about tittles were ordered for.

In the month of May,the reserved collections was introduced, the total volume of books held by the library reached six thousandsand borrowing privileges were then extended to students.

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After two years of operating in classroom blocks, the University library was moved to a permanent building in the first week of September, On the 17th of May,the Library moved along with the university to its permanent site.

On arrival, the pilot plant house of the school of science was immediately converted to a library. In no time it was realised that the building was too small to accommodate the ever-increasing stock, staff and library users.

As such, the library moved partly to the library phase IV inthereby making available two library building fo use: Pilot plant and phase IV library building. The Pilot Plant Library building. The pilot plant library was left within serials section, technical section for catalogue and classification, acquisition section, the information technology unit, documentation and Archives section.

The pilot plant library is regarded as reference library s no borrowing is done there. The library phase IV which was originally intended to be a reading room is centrally situated at a convenient distance from the Hostels. The organogram of the library materials is situated at the entrance to the Library.

The library has seating capacity of about There are various types of materials in the university library which are separated into six collections.The key point here is that since grey literature is not well-covered by conventional book trade channels, the acquisition librarian is faced with such difficulties as to: identify, acquire, process and access these literatures than the conventional literatures.

The Grey Literature Report is featured in the December 11, issue of the Internet Scout Project's Scout Report. GreyNet The Grey Literature Network Service was founded in The goal of GreyNet is to facilitate dialog, research, and communication between persons and organisations in the field of grey literature.

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Project Title: CHALLENGES OF SELECTION AND ACQUISITION OF GREY LITERATURE IN LIBRARIES Amount . grey literature as a source of information, must be prepared to accept challenges and decide on their collection due to the ever dwindling fund allocation to libraries. Grey literature is not a new phenomenon of the late twentieth century, but.