How sop reflects to edp and

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How sop reflects to edp and

Metrics for each region and country Metrics for each objective Key Performance Parameters and Key System Attributes Evaluate progress of the 4 annual projects Identify gaps and assess annual projects Assess campaign progress and project progress Assess program progress Page 37 Share Cite Suggested Citation: The National Academies Press.

While quantitative data are obtained on each of the metrics, typical reporting to senior leaders may use red, yellow, and green colors to simplify the quick identification of gaps and problem areas where red means the objectives have not been met, yellow means they have partially been met, and green means they have been or will soon be fully met.

Due to the long time horizons to build national capacity, the operational analysts that perform and present the data to senior leaders report a tension between the focus of the project leaders who are interested in reporting on the successful completion of their short-term projects and the campaign planners who must assess the long-term impact and effectiveness against campaign objectives.

The DoD capabilities based planning process replaced the threat based planning process used in the Cold War. The process has grown in complexity but the basic ideas are straightforward.

The process begins by assessing each mission area to define the joint capabilities that will be needed in the future.

This typically is done using a hierarchy of capabilities, objectives, tasks, and metrics. The next step is a capability gap analysis to identify the capability gaps for each mission. After the capability gaps are identified, a functional solution analysis identifies and evaluates joint concepts to provide the needed capability.

Finally, where necessary, acquisition programs are initiated to obtain the capability to fill the gap. A capability development document defines the program success metrics which are called Key Performance Parameters with minimum performance threshold and aspirational goals objective levels and Key System Attributes.

Comparing the CTR Program with similar programs provides insights into the different uses of metrics. Instead, the metrics address only the scope of the funded projects.

While the project metrics are useful in assessing the annual project status, they do not help Congress and senior leaders in DoD and other parts of the government to understand the full scope of the potential for cooperative threat reduction which could help identify the need for and scope of future projects.

How sop reflects to edp and

Observations from Non-Security Programs Across areas as diverse as public health, poverty reduction, democracy promotion, public education and others, experts have been attempting for years to employ systematic efforts to understand the effectiveness of their programs. Cultural sensitivities associated with many of these initiatives, constraints of limited resources as well as a sincere interest in positive change have motivated multiple and sustained efforts to develop effective metrics for these programs.

Their task is made more complicated by the fact that their objectives — improving public health, reducing poverty, developing democracy, and increasing educational achievement — are at least as difficult to measure as those of capacity building and improving cooperation through CTR projects.

ATT-Tactical™ - Serving Warfight Status of Federal Executive Rotations Start - 2: For questions, please e-mail SESDevelopment opm.
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Sharing Our Pathways Volume 8, Issue 2 Prior year information has been reclassified to conform to the fiscal presentation. Typical projects include new design and construction, revamps or expansions of existing plants, upgrades of individual process units within refineries, and maintenance services.
Electronic Data Processing Group: Group News While SOA focuses on communication between systems using "services", SOP provides a new technique to build agile application modules using in-memory services as the unit of work.

Despite the challenge of trying to measure objectives difficult to quantify, much progress has been made in developing methodologies and metrics to do just that. The field of global public health assistance see e.

This has led to the explicit differentiation between outputs goods or services generated by the programs and outcomes impacts of programs. How does one measure attitudinal and behavioral change that would ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved?Group News.

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