How to write a tourist brochure rubric

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How to write a tourist brochure rubric

Please sign below to indicate that you understand the expectations of the project and the due date. Ta able of Contents: Travel Brochure to a Cell Directions p. Role Travel Agent Audience Vacationers Situation You are a travel agent charged with getting more visitors to a fabulous new attraction.

You really need a raise and have decided to prove to your boss that you know how to entice tourists to visit. You research other fabulous destinations and realize that they all have one thing in common-? You get to work making a brochure designed to have every kid in the SIS begging their parents to take them to the attraction during the next Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan school vacation.

how to write a tourist brochure rubric

Decide whether your brochure will be based on a plant or animal cell. Decide the location or attraction that your brochure will describe. If you have another idea, please speak to the teacher first. You may NOT do a project about a cell city because this was the example we worked on in class.

Determine at least 8 cell organelles that you will describe in your brochure. Make sure that you select the appropriate organelles according to your cell type I. Only plant cells have chloroplasts.

You will need to think of analogies that connect the actual functions of the cell to one of the sites at your chosen tourist attraction. It is very important that your analogy makes sense in relation to the cell structure it is supposed to represent.

You will be graded on creativity but also on accuracy!

how to write a tourist brochure rubric

If I were describing a cell to be like a school, I would describe the principal as the nucleus because he controls all Of the schools activities. Use the Explanation page to explain WHY you chose each analogy part in paragraph form sentences.

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Put your analogies and creative descriptions into a brochure format. You may use the template provided or create your own.

You may refer to the example provided if you need ideas on how to start your brochure. Your name, date and class period should be on the back cover of the brochure. All brochure information should be typed or neatly printed in pen.

Your brochure must contain pictures to help grab the attention of your audience. Hand drawn pictures are preferable.

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These pictures should reflect what the actual organelles look like or what their function is in the cell. Each part of the brochure should have the following points: The explanation should be in paragraph form sentences.

Score Your score will be based on a rubric. This portion of the project is worth points.DISCOVERING THE WORLD! Creating a Travel Brochure Objective: Create a travel brochure to a well-known city including weather data and places to visit!

Promotional Brochure Contact with outside agencies Hand out Rubric Explain Side 1 Hand out Rubric Explain Side 2 Select Two Look at amazing stats for Tourism Spreadsheet statistics as enrichment View Everest Video Review Everest Notes Record Personal Ex Write Questions Checked Questions Write/Send Email/ Phone Notes Pg 1.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Nov 19,  · To make a travel brochure, start by identifying the main attractions in the area you're advertising, such as restaurants or movie theaters.

Next, decide who your target audience is by evaluating the attractions at the destination, like by aiming for a young demographic if it's a vacation spot%(8). Brochure Templates Explore more than 7, brochure design templates to display product features and portfolios.

Choose from brochure templates for pamphlets, proposals, reports, and . Nov 08,  · Write the text for the leaflet using about words. First, you will need to think about the content of your leaflet.- make a list of possible exercise and other facilities (such as a shop, café etc)- make notes about the benefits of regular exercise (and the dangers of inactivity) -.

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