Lisa lawrence essay

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Lisa lawrence essay

Case Study of Lisa Lawrence: Gestational Diabetes The case analysis involves the primipara patient Lisa Lawrence, and the health care provider that shall administer the needs of Mrs. The following are the queries imposed in the overall case, which are answered by basing in the subjective and objective cues presented, as well the principles of the disease.

How would the nurse respond to Lisa? Do not worry, I will prepare for your glucose challenge test or GTT to determine how quickly sugar is cleared from your body.

It will take 3-hours for me to prepare, and after which, I can assure to provide the results to you. Meanwhile, I need you to relax, and Lisa lawrence essay to worry about the condition.

Lisa lawrence essay

How would the nurse prepare Lisa for the 3-hour GTT? GTT is utilized in order to test for diabetes, insulin resistance, and sometimes reactive hypoglycemia through an oral test or OGTT.

Prior to the tests, the nurse should explain first the purpose, and method involved in the process of GTT, and after which, let the patient verbalize any feeling of concern, questions, etc.

Explain to the patient that a small needle will be inserted into an arm vein for blood sampling, and the needle will have to stay in place until the whole exam is completed. The patient will be given ml of glucose to drink, which is Lisa lawrence essay sweet, but it is essential that the patient drink it all over the 5 minutes, so that the results of the test can be interpreted correctly.

Validate if the patient has taken high carbohydrates meals for the three days before the test, and then, asked the patient if she has taken something to eat or drink, except water, for the past 13 hours prior to admission.

Lastly, ask the patient if she had taken a smoke for the past 1 hour prior to the test procedure. The test should be performed in the morning; since, this is the best time especially if hour-food fasting is required.

Have the patient on the most relaxing and comfortable status while waiting for three hours. By having this maintenance treatment, we can promote the status of your pregnancy that is why we would need your outmost participation regarding this matter.

It is also essential that the nurse provide clear and accurate teaching for the patient. When it is necessary to mix insulin, there are five important guidelines that you must teach to the patient: Drawing up the NPH insulin last helps prevent contamination of the Regular insulin, 4 Choose a Lo-Dose insulin syringe U or U to measure low dosages; use a U syringe for insulin combinations, and lastly, 5 Always add air into each vial equal to the amount of the required dose.

Air prevents a vacuum from occurring. Emphasize that it is important to inject air into the NPH vial first. What kinds of insulin have been ordered?

How are they different and why are they both ordered? Regular insulin has a quick onset and peak, and a short duration of therapy. The physician prescribed low dose regular insulin due to it pharmacokinetic features, which can be administered multiple times a day, usually before meals and at bedtime.

This feature provides urgent preparation for intermittent blood sugar increase.

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On the other hand, Intermediate-acting Insulin NPHha a slower onset with a peak effect longer than those of regular insulin. The combination of both regular and NPH insulins provide current and long-term maintenance of blood sugar.

Regular insulin aims to provide a reversal shot in case blood sugar surges up, while NPH provides maintenance dose for gestational diabetes. When during her pregnancy will Lisa be most prone to hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia? Human placental Lactogen, which is the primary contributor of gestational diabetes, reaches its peak late in pregnancy; during the third trimester, insulin requirements rise.

Such occurrence causes Lisa to be prone to hyperglycemia. On the other hand, hypoglycemia may be present on first contact or may be iatrogenic, which connotes the result of an extended stay in the acute care setting during which ongoing glucose testing and meals are disrupted.

Explain the signs of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and how each are treated. The signs of hypoglycemia involve perspiration, confusion, anxiety, mood changes argumentive, agitated, and anxiouslethargy, tachycardia, hunger, nausea, and adverse events can lead to hypotension, unconsciousness, seizure, and hypothermia.Friar lawrence essay - diversify the way you deal with your homework with our appreciated service Use this platform to order your sophisticated thesis delivered on time Proposals and essays at .

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Lisa lawrence essay

Clarence Muirhead Memorial Scholarship Scholarship Application Deadline: Received by March 24, As such, the essay portion of the application will be heavily weighted in the selection process, giving Lisa Lawrence Created Date.

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Case Study of Lisa Lawrence: Gestational Diabetes Essay. Case Study of Lisa Lawrence: Gestational Diabetes The case analysis involves the primipara patient Lisa Lawrence, and the health care provider that shall administer the needs of Mrs.

Lawrence. The following are the queries imposed in the overall case, which are answered by basing in the.

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