Micropub business plan

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Micropub business plan

Posted on Thu 26 November by Robert MacRae A micropub business plan weeks ago we celebrated our first anniversary at the premises, an occasion which saw us unveil several changes to our way of doing business.

Instead of pouring beer direct from the taps, we now have beer engines. Instead of using chiller probes to keep our casks cool, we now have a chiller cabinet behind the bar. We also have two additional keg lines, which means we can serve seven beers in total four cask, three keg.

Ever since we started trading, it seemed we were not selling as much beer as initially predicted. I put this down in part to our popularity with women and their preference for wine, cider and gin some nights half our customers or more are women.

Plus, I noticed times when our beer was not in top form because of the challenges involved in keeping it cool, giving it sufficient time to settle and micropub business plan proper secondary fermentation.

I knew however the biggest factor holding back our beer sales was the lack of head on our gravity-served pints. The only space we could utilise on the premises was the wall behind the bar where a low shelf supported two casks and a few crates were attached to the wall for our spirits.

Every system I had seen involved a cask-lifting truck which looked to be half the size of the rack itself! Have you got something…smaller?

micropub business plan

Then over the weeks that followed we brought in several tradesmen to have a look at the space: Each of them assured us they could deliver, but it would be up to ourselves to co-ordinate their efforts and pull together a workable design. He came up with several novel solutions to our circumstances.

Colin had casks filled with water to test the set up and showed me how the pulley and drawer runners would work. I left him to crack on with the finishing touches, including a lick of paint. A couple of weeks later he brought the pieces to our premises and had it up in less than an hour.

The only wrinkle was that the lowest rack proved to be too narrow for 3 casks to sit together in a row because of the way our bar counter jutted out. In the end what caused us the most consternation at this next stage though was the difficulty in pinning down the refrigeration engineer to come have a look and fit a unit.

Colin was having the same problems talking with his local refrigeration engineer. It seemed everyone was too busy to help us out with our odd little job.

In the meantime, it was getting closer to our anniversary weekend. We still could only use the same two chiller probes that had cooled the casks on the original shelving unit. Then, our beer engines and triple keg font arrived and with these on the bar there was no room for the casks we had sitting there.

For several days we could serve only two cask ales. We discussed panels or doors for the front, but needed something that could slide out of the way so casks could be lifted up from the floor and slotted inside. No cabinetry, just plastic panels which we could lift off and on. For the first couple of weeks these were screwed into place until he came up with the idea of using adhesive magnetic strips.

They did stellar work for us getting us up and running in time for opening night and here they were again a year later seeing us through the next stage of our evolution. The small line cooler under our bar was replaced with a larger unit that now sits upstairs in our office, freeing up space under the bar for two kegs the keg lines are inside a python that goes up the wall to the new, larger cooler which now sits upstairs in the stock room and then down again to the font.

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Our joiner cut out a piece of our bar front and put it on a hinge, creating a hatch for moving the kegs in and out from under the bar. He also hacked away a bit of shelving underneath the other side of the bar, creating a cubbyhole for a third keg.

His other big job was to build a plinth on the bar, using the same beech wood countertop, to give our beer engines enough space to operate. Some months before he had built a bottle rack above the bar so the bottles displaced from their crates could go on display and be in easy reach.

When one cask finishes, we can move straight on to another whereas previously it would take at least 24 hours before a replacement cask would be ready. We may look more like a proper pub now with our gleaming brass hand pulls, but we remain true to the micropub spirit:Pull up a chair!

Your Micropub. Pull up a chair! Skip to content. Home; On a visit to a marvellous new micropub in our vicinity, The Chiverton Tap, it will help a great deal with your business plan.

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Plans are in for a new micro-pub in Llandudno. Dave Guinn opened his first small drinking spot in the town last October with the launch of TAPPS on Madoc Street. General information for the business: MIcro Pub Industry: Food and Beverage Research needed: yes Chapters needed: Financial Plan, product selection, supplier information, local competitor analyses Information to be included in each chapter: Hi, I have an existing business and adjoined to this business is a room that measures approximately 4m x 4m.

The Bottlecap microbrew bar business plan executive summary. The Bottlecap is a university neighborhood bar specializing in microbrews.3/5(30). There has been good progress at my own embryonic micropub, The Four Candles at 1, Sowell Street, St Peters, Kent.

Work started on building the shelf which will go round the room and the two tables which will (we hope) sit six to eight customers.

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