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Stalin research paper

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Stalin led the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as absolute dictator for twenty-four years. As a writer and editor at the Communist Party newspaper Pravda, as well as the author of books and articles, Stalin contributed to the body of works delineating Soviet ideology.

However, critics are divided over the importance of his writings; some maintain that Stalin simply regurgitated Marxist doctrine as it had already been interpreted by Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik movement. Nonetheless, Stalin created for himself as leader a Stalin research paper status that gave rise to a cult-like following despite his renowned tyranny.

Biographical Information Stalin was born in the small town of Gori, in czarist Georgia, in His father, a poor shoemaker, was an abusive alcoholic who was killed in a brawl when Stalin was Stalin research paper years old. Stalin entered the Tiflis Theological Seminary when he was fourteen, but he was expelled in because of his involvement in a revolutionary anti-czarist group.

A year later he was arrested and sent to a prison in Siberia, from which he escaped inreturning to the underground Marxist movement in Tiflis.

When Russian Marxism split into two factions—the radical Bolsheviks and the more moderate Menshiviks—Stalin sided with the Bolsheviks, thus aligning himself with Lenin and other major party leaders. Beginning in he attended several international conferences of the Russian Social Democrats, where he was first introduced to Lenin.

In the following years Stalin was arrested and imprisoned on several instances; each time he escaped. The following year he began writing for the party newspaper Pravda, under the pseudonym Joseph Stalin, which means "man of steel.

Lenin died inand within five years Stalin had total control of the party. Collectivization was an unmitigated disaster: With agricultural production cut in half, mass famine ensued, and at least three to ten million peasants died of starvation.

Stalin denied blame for the failure of collectivization, accusing others of misunderstanding his directives. His other major goal was to introduce widespread industrialization to the USSR, in order to move the country from an agriculture-based to an industry-based economy. In this he succeeded—initiating the machinery that would eventually make the Soviet Union a superpower nation—in large part because of the slave labor provided by the millions of Soviet citizens imprisoned in the gulags.

Around Stalin launched the period that would be known as the Great Terror. Throughout the s about one million old Bolshevik party members those who had taken part in the pre-Stalin revolutionary era and countless millions of citizens were accused of sabotage, treason, and espionage and were arrested, tortured, and either executed or sent to the gulags.

Defendants were accused of treason and other trumped-up charges and were always found guilty. Many blame the huge Soviet losses on his increasing paranoia and megalomania. Nonetheless, the Red Army did hold off the Germans until they surrendered in After the war Stalin moved quickly to seize control of Eastern European countries to create the Soviet bloc.

In the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb, ushering in the arms race and Cold War with the United States that would last into the late s.

Stalin research paper

In Stalin was planning another series of purges, this time because of an alleged traitorous plot among the mostly Jewish Kremlin physicians. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage before the new purge trials could take place.

Stalin research paper

Major Works Stalin produced a number of works on Soviet ideology—including Marxism and the National Question, Marxism and Linguistics, Dialectical and Historical Materialism, and his collected lectures on Foundations of Leninism—but whether or not he added anything new or innovative to theoretical communism is debatable.

Many critics consider his writing unoriginal and repetitive. He did, however, transform Soviet communism, in his writings and his practices, from a revolutionary system to a strategy of conservative, isolationist authoritarianism.

His talent for propaganda allowed him to establish an astonishingly effective cult of personality despite his reputation for brute violence.

Joseph Stalin was born Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili on Dec 21st in Gori, Georgia of the Soviet Union to Vissarion (Beso) and Ekaterina Dzhugashvili. His . Stalin on the other hand was able to hide his manipulative skills better but in his speech to the Fifteenth Congress in it had any lies within it. The success of these two men was mostly attributed to their politics and new ideas. N conclusion, Joseph Stalin and Doll Hitler had . Joseph Stalin Research Paper This sample Joseph Stalin Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. Free research papers are not written by our writers, they are contributed by users, so we are not responsible for the content of this free sample paper.

By neutralizing anyone he considered or suspected of being an enemy, Stalin opened an avenue to total control of both his party and his people, whether they were followers or not.

Pictures and statues of him were placed in all public places, as well as in private Soviet homes. His writings were studied, and poems and songs were written to glorify him.

After his death Stalin was still revered by Soviet citizens, many of whom wept openly when they heard he had died. Although he continued to receive credit for advancing Soviet society into the technological age to successfully compete with other world powers, in his successor Nikita Khrushchev and other Soviet leaders officially denounced Stalin and his actions.

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Damn comrades, he was deliberately instigated by using examples and the. Joseph Stalin was a Georgian Marxist revolutionary leader and later dictator of the USSR.

He was born in Gori, Georgia. He studied at Tiflis Orthodox where he was expelled from in May 02,  · Joseph Johnston Research Paper earned the most respect from the opposing Generals.

Soviet industry and the red army under stalin : a military-industrial complex?

This paper is about General Joseph E. Johnstons leadership . Joseph Stalin ( - ) was not the major player of the October Revolution of , however, he later grew through the ranks of the Bolshevik party and became one of the most powerful dictators that the world had ever encountered.

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