Statement of the problem in unwanted pregnancy

The diligent, data-collecting user is then expected to either abstain from sex on the red fertile days or turn to another contraceptive method, such as a condom. On green non-fertile days, the app gives the all clear for unprotected sex.

Statement of the problem in unwanted pregnancy

The word teenage pregnancy cannot be further discussed without giving a brief detail of what it entails. Teenage pregnancy can be defined as when a teenage or underage girl between the ages of becomes pregnant as a result of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Every year thousand of teenagers become pregnant at a very large population to themselves, their children and the society. While the facts are clear, the issues of teenage pregnancy are complicated by our conflicting attitude and behaviour. The burdens of early childbirth on disadvantaged teens are undeniable.

Public education, general provisions, definitions. Florida State Board of Education, Said that educational failure has been understood to be a negative outcome of teenagers becoming pregnant and early child birth.

But how can teens avoid becoming pregnant when talk of sex fills the air waves, younger and younger girls are portrayed as sex objects and sex is used to sell everything from clothes to news. Yet we are shocked at the rising number of teens who are sexually active.

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If we are truly concerned about the welfare of babies, children, and adolescents then we must move beyond the moral panic and denial that so often distort the discussion to design an effective solution to these economic assumptions, wishful thinking and honest acknowledgement that is still yet not understood about the causes of this problem.

The causes of teenage pregnancy include the following: Lack of knowledge of contraceptives or access to it, fright and embarrassment to seek information abut contraceptives also cause teenage pregnancy. Other causes of this problem includes, age discrepancies in relationship, dating, violence, social economic factors, poverty, childhood environment, greed, peer pressure etc.

Teenage pregnancy has become a public health issues because of its observed negative effects and cause on perinatal outcomes and long term morbidity.

Statement of the problem in unwanted pregnancy

The association of young maternal age is usually confounded however, by the high prevalence of poverty, low level of education, which is our major and single marital status among teenage mothers.

This research assesses the independent effect of teenage pregnancy on educational disabilities and educational problems in a total number of children and teens who are mothers. According to Angola, G. Girls teens have a questioning mind and want to know and be taught the right attitude s Margaret, O.

Childhood and adolescent studies for effective teaching, revised edition, Said that world wide range teenage pregnancy ranges from per in some countries.

In developed countries it is usually outside marriage and carries a social stigma in many communities and cultures, for these reasons, there have been many studies which attempt to uncover the causes and limit the number of teens who get pregnant.

Data supporting teenage pregnancy as a social issue in Nigeria includes low educational level, higher rates of poverty and other poorer life outcomes. In some part of this country teenage pregnancy is usually within marriage and does not involve peer stigma.

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Being a young mother in a developing country like ours can affect ones education. Teen mothers are more likely to drop out of school in prior to becoming pregnant.

Factors that determine which mother is likely to have a closely spaced reported birth includes, marriage and education, the likelihood decreases with the level of education of the young woman or her parents and increases if she gets married. These circumstances also contribute to the likelihood of teenage pregnancy for example; recent studies suggested that most adolescent mothers have already dropped out of school before they became pregnant.

In conclusion, knowledge is power so let us salvage our future by being wise and seek to obtain and achieve success through education.Thus, such resolving of unwanted pregnancy has a terrible impact on woman’s health.

The girls, who have an abortion at age 15, in the future cannot have children or . Unwanted pregnancy can be prevented through open communication and providing guidance regarding sexuality, contraception, and risks and responsibilities of possible pregnancy.

Sexual education and family life in schools can also prevent unwanted pregnancies. What is Unwanted Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Definition & Overview. According to statistics, almost half of pregnancies every year are either unplanned or unwanted.

An unwanted pregnancy certainly places a woman in a predicament.

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In some cases, the pregnancy may not be the only problem. Other factors, such as. Background. Early initiation of antenatal care (ANC) can reduce common maternal complications and maternal and perinatal mortality. Though Rwanda demonstrated a remarkable decline in maternal mortality and 98% of Rwandan women receive antenatal care from a skilled provider, only 38% of women have an ANC visit in their first three months of pregnancy.

Statement from Director of Public Prosecutions on abortion related cases As a result, a police investigation was conducted and, in due course, the police asked the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for advice about possible criminal charges.

Statement of the problem in unwanted pregnancy

problem statement Adolescent pregnancy has long been a worldwide social and educational concern for the developed, developing and underdeveloped countries.

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