Steve fisher stream business presentation

EntrepreneurSalesStrategy I had a great conversation with a friend of mine. He was bemoaning the fact that his company was almost completely dependent upon one huge customer.

Steve fisher stream business presentation

Prospects for a transformative impact rest on the fact that organizers have been able to meet this mandate by systematizing the use of available, standardized technologies without introducing new inventions.

Today most Apple devices in the field can play HLS content encapsulated in fMP4 containers, including about 66 percent of Mac desktops and 92 percent of iOS devices, according to industry estimates. With some key WAVE specs and test procedures finalized, the industry has settled on a formal technical framework that will make it much easier to pursue business goals with expectations for higher levels of consumer satisfaction and better returns on investments.

steve fisher stream business presentation

That approach can be validated with the Content Validation Test Suite. At this point the task forces have completed the first set of content specifications and the related test suite as well as the HTML5 Reference Platform with Web APIs and test suite, with expectations that the Device Capabilities Playback Suite and validation test procedures will be finalized in early Self-certification is essential to building a WAVE-compliant ecosystem, he adds.

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Content distributors have to create client player apps supporting multiple versions of the same content for different types of devices in conjunction with elaborate testing procedures designed to ensure each player steve fisher stream business presentation as intended with each type of device.

And, of course, all these iterations have to be supported with multiple encodes and packaging for each video program. On the device side, OEMs have to make sure their products can support content their customers want to access, which becomes ever more difficult with devices such as smart TVs, set-tops and media sticks that lack the processing power of a desktop.

With wide variations in how service providers compress, package, encrypt and transmit their content, manufacturers of such devices have to decide upon and test against a select group of services. Apple is a domain of calm and consistency compared to Android, which is the dominant OS in the mobile space with global market share tabulated at 74 percent compared to 20 percent for iOS, according to researcher StatCounter.

Whereas, as of YE90 percent of iOS devices were running the two most recent versions of the Apple OS, Android fragmentation seems to be getting worse by the year, with five generations in use on some two billion devices.

And if HLS is supported, there needs to be a determination that the streaming mode can be used without incurring such well-documented issues as loss of seeking capabilities, poorly rendered images and outright crashes.

Of course, whether the WAVE mandate for a more coherent environment can be met depends on the scale of adaptation to the chosen specifications and test procedures. By enabling both HLS playlists and DASH manifests to reference the same container, CMAF makes it possible to encode a video payload in multiple bitrate profiles with uniform segmentation for live or on-demand delivery with ad signaling, closed captioning, subtitles and other enhancements.

There are other benefits that come with use of CMAF. One of these involves an optional profile that makes it possible to cut end-to-end latency on linear content to a few seconds by breaking up ABR fragments into smaller chunks that can be delivered sequentially to clients for playback without waiting for the whole fragment to load in the buffer.

CMAF uses a common presentation timeline to synchronize the timestamps of each CMAF Track, which makes it possible for each player to optimize the choice of media components such as codecs, languages, video resolutions, dynamic ranges, etc.

With late binding each media component is stored and cached only once, greatly reducing the number of multitrack files that need to be produced compared to what happens when all the tracks are bound into a multiplexed file. The combined set of protocols creates a platform where a wide range of functionalities accessed through open APIs can be brought into content playback via HTML5 video and audio tags.

Rather than defining DRM functionality, EME standardizes the discovery hooks, moving the responsibility for such interactions from plugins or third-party applications to the browser. And EME helps to mitigate security and privacy threats by placing restrictions on Content Decryption Modules CDMswhich are the client components supporting decryption on DRM key systems, to prevent them from accessing user or other data extraneous to the CDM state or hardware components not required for playback.

MSE-based implementations can parse a manifest and download segments of video at an appropriate bitrate using existing HTTP infrastructure, enabling referencing of multiple objects that represent all the chunks of the tracks that make up the entire ABR stream.

New Specifications and Test Suites WAVE has provided a common approach to orchestrating utilization of these widely used protocols in ways that can be tested and validated through the WAVE testing procedures. The Content Specification also defines presentation profiles for creating the combination of audio, video, captioning and other tracks that are compressed and synchronized as a CMAF Presentation in the encoding process.

Distributors can encode and stream multiple CMAF Presentations to ensure their content reaches different types of WAVE-compliant devices in accord with their capabilities. For now, the choice of presentation options, such as one based on AVC versus an HEVC version, is made by the Web app associated with a given content stream.

Eventually, the industry should be able to rely on activation of discoverability in HTML5, which will take a lot of the complexity out of app development. Known as Splice Conditioning, this element is meant to ensure that content not part of the baseline stream can be seamlessly introduced in the stream on a per-session basis across a maximum number of WAVE-compliant device platforms.

Getting to where such insertions can be consumed without any glitches is no easy matter in an environment still populated by a large number of older, single media pipeline devices. With the first round of spec-setting nearing completion, WAVE organizers make clear they see this as an open-ended project.

As new innovations emerge, it will be their job to identify and incorporate the ones that matter into the specifications and test procedures as protection against re-emergence of anything like the chaos that prevails today.

One area of ongoing focus has to do with how device capabilities are discovered, which, as noted earlier, depends on execution by the apps used by distributors.Full Faculty Senate Meeting –January 29, 3 Submitted by: Kimberly M.

steve fisher stream business presentation

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