The creative writing a slice of life

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The creative writing a slice of life

This week— feels like days not just 7! Work is currently a flux of action, assessments, reviews, changes and sweat and tears. I started my writing classes, Wednesday night classes on Writing for Children. Back of the head ideas. It takes an hour to drive to the city after work and I was ready to collapse with lack of food and tiredness after work last week.

Our goal is simple: to make you the best writer you can be.

It was like a day off working Thursday! I was in in the morning which meant I could get busy writing Thursday afternoon. I was so tired Thursday and Friday I was asleep by 8pm! We organised more electrical quotes at the new house and popped in for post a few times — very excited!

I managed a couple of submissions, poetry and a fantasy short story. On Saturday I went to my 2nd script writing workshop — a great group.

Sunday we were at the allotment in the sun, followed by an afternoon and evening of work. And today I have worked, attended meetings, made a ton of phone calls, worked late, signed house paperwork, found out about 1st ever deposit into my 1st ever joint account do your read the excitement?

I have also spent the past 3hrs completing my 4th college assignment! Exhausted — bed time now! Incase you are not a regular reader of my blog — I signed onto my 1st Online Writing course at the end of April and I have found it and the submission deadlines hardcore!

By the weekend I had completed all the research and burnt the midnight—all-day-oil on Sunday to get assignment 3 completed before work starting up again.


It took best part of 9 hrs but I got it done! I also had several meetings in Banks as Mr G and I were exchanging contracts on our new house! I attended the first of 3 scriptwriting workshops over the weekend. It was immensely useful. This week I have discovered new genres and attempted writing around them.

I am currently working on a short story and some poems for submission. The week before- Tuesday I had paperwork lots of it to complete this weekend, we had a 3 day weekend so I would have expected it to be complete as usual for Sunday evening. I have struggled with it this week and it has taken twice as long as normal, part of the time 2.

I started early before 8 a. I made 3 mistakes which resulted in a missed deadline! My error was forgetting the multitude of time differences across the states of America!

My 2nd mistake was, after being out all day I got to see Mr G and watched some recorded oh the irony TV programmes. By the time I finished my writing it was a few minutes to the 9pm deadline 10pm for usI log in and have 60 secs to post, should have been find, they have taken over students and I think hundreds were all trying to do the same thing.

All over the forum posts grew about the missed deadline, some people had neglected to do 4 hrs research I did this Friday night and was quite an expert in expectations, objectives and course outlines. I also rallied people to complain hard I was a member of Youth C. D and won political debates at school against older kids, a born soapbox activist.

The creative writing a slice of life

It is a real lesson on speaking up and speaking out. And that many voices are strong. It is such an action packed week, I am going to offer you three slices!

Plots dug over, everything planted ready. Exciting time now Summer finally arrivedwater and wait! The whole planet missed Spring I think stuck in a perpectual winter.

Battle - Creative Writing Competition #6 : Slice of Life | Oro Jackson A meeting place for a world of reflective writers. If I dismiss the ordinary — waiting for the special, the extreme, the extraordinary to happen — I may just miss my life.
A P*em from my Slice :: Elle Nightingale Dana Huff 14 Comments Today marks the end of my first year leading the English department at my school.

Things are moving forward with the house buying and we hope to have the keys very soon. We are at the meetings and money stage. This week I have been working on the 2nd assignment. I have embarked on a journey with a new genre. Psychological horror I think possibly.

The creative writing a slice of life

Again there is a Flash and a plea for help follow the links if you dare!In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own blog now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a good example of it. Elsa says: Get a hit from Jyotish Cafe -little nibbles from the slice of life to cheer you;.

There have been many people who have asked me why in the world I stopped writing my column in the Linn County Leader; the simple reason is that I have decided to devote all of my energies into both the ministry that God has called Jeannie and I into, plus I am picking up where I left off many years ago with my creative writing projects that have sadly been neglected.

A Creative Slice of the Real World. Lee Gutkind and Hattie Fletcher ’95, True Stories, Well Told, In Fact Books, Pittsburgh, , pp. Essay collection showcases the range of the literary nonfiction genre.

Slice of Life is a new online journal for flash prose. We are connected to the online writing workshop, Diving Deeper, but you don?t have to be a member to submit your work. We are looking for windows into life. Writing is more fun, more rewarding and more exciting when you have others to support you.

Slicing is a practice in mindfulness, a challenge to be present to the moment. Sometimes I write for myself.


James Patterson, the author of 19 consecutive No. 1 New York Times bestsellers, reveals his tricks of the trade for the very first time. In this course, he guides you through every part of the book writing .

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