The question of whether the nixon white house was involved in the watergate scandal

Was President Nixon impeached as a result of the Watergate scandal? President Nixon was impeached. However, we first must define impeachment.

The question of whether the nixon white house was involved in the watergate scandal

This section needs additional citations for verification. July On June 19,it was publicly revealed that one of the Watergate burglars was a Republican Party security aide. Further investigation by the FBI would reveal still more thousands had supported their travel and expenses in the months leading up to their arrests.

Examination showed links to the finance committee of CRP. Investigators' examination of the bank records of a Miami company run by Watergate burglar Barker revealed an account controlled by him personally had deposited a check and then transferred it through the Federal Reserve Check Clearing System.

Those individuals were the Committee bookkeeper and its treasurer, Hugh Sloan. The Committee, as a private organization, followed normal business practice in allowing only duly-authorized individual s to accept and endorse on behalf of the Committee.

Therefore, no financial institution could accept or process a check on behalf of the Committee unless it had been endorsed and by a duly-authorized individual.

Beginnings Two years later, he resigned—the first president in history to do so.
Watergate trial and aftermath Watergate burglaries On June 17, Frank Willsa security guard working at the office building of the Watergate complex of office space, residential buildings, and a hotel, noticed a piece of tape on the door between the basement stairwell and the parking garage. It was holding the door unlocked, so Wills removed it, assuming the cleaning crew had put it there.

But once Sloan had endorsed a check made payable to the Committee, he had a legal and fiduciary responsibility to see that the check was deposited into the accounts which were named on the check and only the accounts so named.

Sloan failed to do that. When he was confronted with the potential charge of federal bank fraud, he revealed he had been directed by Committee deputy director Jeb Magruder and finance director Maurice Stans to give the money to G. Liddy gave the money to Barker and attempted to hide its origin. Barker had attempted to disguise the funds by depositing them into bank accounts which were located in banks outside of the United States.

The question of whether the nixon white house was involved in the watergate scandal

What Barker, Liddy, and Sloan did not know was that the complete record of all such transactions are held for roughly six months. All five of the Watergate burglars were directly or indirectly tied to the CRPcausing Judge Sirica to suspect a conspiracy involving higher-echelon government officials.

On October 10, the FBI reported the Watergate break-in was only part of a massive campaign of political spying and sabotage on behalf of the Nixon re-election committee. Despite these revelations, Nixon's campaign was never seriously jeopardized, and on November 7, the President was re-elected in one of the biggest landslides in American political history.

Role of the media Edit The connection between the break-in and the re-election committee was highlighted by media coverage — in particular, investigative coverage by The Washington PostTime Magazineand The New York Times. The coverage dramatically increased publicity and consequent political repercussions.

Chief among the Post's anonymous sources was an individual whom Woodward and Bernstein had nicknamed Deep Throat ; thirty years later inhe was revealed to be William Mark Felt, Sr.

- The Washington Post

Felt warned Woodward that the FBI wanted to know where he and other reporters were getting their information, as they were uncovering a wider web of crimes than first disclosed.

In one of their last meetings, all of which took place at an underground parking garage somewhere in Washington, DC at 2: Patrick GrayNixon's friend who had recently been chosen for the director's position over Felt. Bob Woodward who was interviewed for the book said the idea that they were reporting just what prosecutors had already found is "factually wrong" and a lot of the book is speculations and conjecture.

Carl Bernstein said the book is part of the revisionism and debunking industries. Time Magazine described Nixon as undergoing "daily hell and very little trust".

The question of whether the nixon white house was involved in the watergate scandal

The distrust between the press and the Nixon administration was mutual and greater than usual due to lingering dissatisfaction with events from the Vietnam War. Inthe White House requested an audit of the tax return of the editor of Newsdayafter he wrote a series of articles about the financial dealings of a friend of the President's.May 07,  · In the first incident, Mr.

Nixon is quoted as thanking his counsel for a “good job” after the Watergate indictments last August seemed to exonerate the White House staff. The Nixon White House tapes are audio recordings of conversations between U.S. President Richard Nixon and Nixon administration officials, Nixon family members, and White House staff, produced between and Oct 29,  · In August, Nixon gave a speech in which he swore that his White House staff was not involved in the break-in.

Most voters believed him, and in November the president was reelected in a landslide victory. The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States during the early s, following a break-in by five men at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C.

on June 17, , and President Richard Nixon's administration's subsequent attempt to cover up its involvement. The arrest of the Watergate burglars marked the beginning of a long chain of events in which President Nixon and his top aides became deeply involved in an extensive coverup of the break-in and other White House sanctioned illegal activities.

The Watergate scandal was a political scandal that occurred in the United States in the s as a result of the June break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the Nixon administration's attempted cover-up of its involvement.

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